Golden Threads | Poetry by Uranbileg Batjargal

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Uranbileg Batjargal grew up in Mongolia, climbing barefoot on the rocky hills, gathering wild berries, conversing with small birds, and singing out loud in the open summer sky. Today, Uranbileg walks in two worlds. As an economist and a certified public accountant, she makes a living by managing budgets and leading data governance strategy. She is also a poet, an artist, a meditation teacher and a practitioner of healing arts. She completed three vision quests that changed her life and continue to guide her poetry today.

“Uranbileg Batjargal, indeed, walks in two worlds, her feet kicking up soil along an unfamiliar path, and the breeze lifting her into a limitless dreamscape. Fortunately for us, she is a writer, a poet, a shaper of images. In her sphere, we experience both the grit and delicacy of her attention. Her words hint and declare the personal-shared of love, of loneliness, of memory, of humor, of terror. To read these pages for the first time is a pleasure; to read them again is irresistible.”
– Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies, Facilitator and Teacher of Family Constellations

“Golden Threads is nothing short of an astonishing journey into self-transformation. Magic is woven all through Uranbileg Batjargal’s poetic quest through the landscape of father, mother, lovers and self. We begin with great severance, come to the threshold of new meaning and finally we gain insight into how one collects a web of new identity and incorporates that being-ness as she quests forward. We wander, we search for true love, we learn to listen.”
– Carolyn Dawn Flynn, author of Resurrection and Pretend, founder of The Story Catalyst


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December 12, 2020





3 reviews for Golden Threads | Poetry by Uranbileg Batjargal

  1. Erik (verified owner)

    Urana Heart (the author) is a prolific healer who has mastered a number of different modalities. This book shares her journey to becoming the shamanic practitioner she is today. It basically takes the reader through a journey into the spirit world and helps integrate the lessons from her traumas and hard work. Very good energy indeed!

  2. Vlad (verified owner)

    Golden threads are personal and compassionate; woven with love, warmth, and shamanic magic.
    Urana shares her wild and kind spirit generously through the book – it will touch every “mind and heart”, without a doubt.
    Illustrations are fabulous and the book is a darling gift.
    I’m loving it and waiting for more!

  3. Mariya (verified owner)

    A beautiful book! This is a very warm, open, vulnerable and strong read. It feels weird to even call it a read because this book is almost like a manual to your soul. The depth of the poetry, it touches your soul, it makes you feel included, and to know that it’s going to be ok because life is beautiful, it teaches us and it has our back no matter what. Urana’s writing is honest, it’s extremely brave, she shares details of her life, her path with grace and softness that inspired you but at the same time, you realize that the author is just so strong! I am extremely happy to got a chance to be in Urana’s world through the book. I hope so many people get to dive into the incredible journey this book offers and truly connects with it, finds the answers and the comfort that I was able to discover for myself. Highly recommend!

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